Ron Hobbs Jr.

Hometown: Orting, WA
FLW National Guard  Pro
2009-7th Place Standings
2008-3rd Place Standings
2007-42nd Place Standings
TBF National Championship
NW Bass Championship
Day 3 Qualifier
Ron Sr. and Jr
James Smiley-B.A.S.S. Federation
Nation State Championship
The Delta- 7th Place
James has been fortunate enough to
have won 16 tournament and 5 angler
of the year titles.  James currently
chases his dream of being an Elite
Series pro by competing back East on
the B.A.S.S. Open events
James Website
Rons TBF National
Johnny Walker
2010-1st Place National Guard FLW
Co-Angler at Lake Shasta!